Celebrity Books Worth Reading [Promo Post]

Hi Everyone!

This is a special promotional post that I was sent by Siege Media.

Often times, we turn to our favorite books and novels as a way to escape from reality. Books can transport us to magical worlds, put us in the middle of a thrilling mystery, and makes us fall in love with characters and stories. But books can also challenge us to take a look internally and teach us lessons about life that we don’t expect. You also probably don’t expect those life lessons to come from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. While life as a celebrity might seem wonderful on the outside looking in, celebrities use their autobiographies as a way to open a window into the hardships they’ve faced and the challenges they’ve overcome. From themes of self-love and ambition, to empowerment and finding inner peace, these books by celebrities will inspire and motivate you to reach for more. 

Thank you Siege Media for providing the content for this post.

Have you read these celebrity books? What are your favourite books written by a celebrity?


Promo post: Literary Book Gifts

Last week, I was asked to review the designs from the new online shop Literary Book Gifts.


These are super cute products!

There are t-shirts, tote bags, and backpacks. The t-shirts come in Women’s and Men’s/Unisex sizes. The shirts come in 19 different colours! There are also a couple of styles available in tank tops and sweatshirts.

I love the backpacks because literary themed backpacks aren’t as common as t-shirts and tote bags. The backpacks also have a laptop sleeve. They come in three different sizes.

The graphics on the bags are great! Many of them look like sketches that would be in the classic novels. For instance, rather than the classic peacock cover of Pride and Prejudice which is usually on P & P products, there is a scene from the novel featuring Elizabeth and Darcy. This unique sketch you won’t be duplicating any other literary items you may have.

I really liked the designs of these products! However, I must say that I haven’t seen any of them in person.

As a special offer for my readers only, Literary Book Gifts has provided a discount code! Check out the store here.

Use the promo code: JILLJEMMETT20

  • 20% off anything in the store

  • No minimum

  • Unlimited uses

Let me know what you think of these items! Happy shopping!