Review: Harley Quinn, Volume 3: Red Meat

Title: Harley Quinn, Volume 3: Red Meat
Author: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

NetGalley Synopsis:

The Suicide Squad’s deadliest member continues to wreak havoc all across the DC Universe in the latest installment of her best-selling graphic novel series in HARLEY QUINN VOL. 3!

Harley’s managed to carve out a kind of peace with New York’s corrupt mayor…but once she gets wind of his plans for the city’s homeless population, the deal is most definitely off! She’ll have to take the fight to City Hall–but who will be her ally in her most desperate hour?


There were many different subplots in this new volume. Personally, there wasn’t enough Harley in it for me. But I still loved the graphic novel.

One subplot has the cannibals that the mayor’s assistant brought to town to kill all the homeless people. Harley’s sadness at the disappearance of the homeless show how caring she is.

Another subplot is a former Arkham Asylum inmate who has been sent on a quest. This story wasn’t really connected to Harley yet, but I think in the next volume it will become clearer.

The third subplot is a Batman fan from the future who is sent back in time to kill Harley. The ending of this one was so amazing! I loved the twist.

Once again, this was another thrilling Volume in the Harley Quinn rebirth series. I can’t wait for the next one!

Review: Hotel Transylvania Graphic Novel Vol. 1: “Kakieland Katastrophe”

Title: Hotel Transylvania Graphic Novel Vol. 1: “Kakieland Katastrophe”
Author: Stefan Petrucha
Genre: Children’s, Graphic Novel
Publisher: Papercutz
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Rating: ★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

In this all-new excerpt from the graphic novel based on the hit Sony Picture Animation movie series, Drac, Mavis, and the Drac Pack are back! The hotel faces a PR nightmare when nearby Kakieland theme park owner, Stephen Cling, visits Hotel Transylvania with a devious mission to reunite the monsters with their monstrous reputation by catching Drac in the act. Will Drac be caught behaving badly? Sink your teeth into this adventure!


This summer I watched Hotel Transylvania with my cousin for the first time. There was a short animation from it that played in the theatre before The Emoji Movie (which I also loved despite all the negative reviews) so I wanted to watch the full movie when we got home. I really liked it. When I saw that there was a graphic novel available on NetGalley, I had to have it!

This is a great graphic novel for kids. It had a lot of slapstick comedy which kids love. The characters stayed true to the movie, with similar humour, such as Drac getting words mixed up.

I also liked the way that the battle between monsters and humans was portrayed. It takes on a racial discrimination quality. This happens when Drac’s grandson has to wonder if he should hate himself because he is half-monster, and the humans are supposed to hate monsters.

I kind of wondered if the villain, Stephen Cling, is named after another famous writer. His name sounds suspiciously like my favourite horror author…

I really enjoyed this book. Kids who love Hotel Transylvania should definitely read it!

Review: Harley Quinn, Volume 2: Joker Loves Harley

Title: Harley Quinn, Volume 2: Joker Loves Harley
Author: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Purchased
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Harley Quinn’s punk-rock epic concludes with a BANG. Too deep and not covered enough, their undercover mission comes to an end as the gang takes on thieves and murderers. All the laughs and some of the quacks are all here.

Taking a break comes with unexpected woes when Harley and Ivy head to the Bahamas for sun-kissed beaches and ice-cold drinks.


Harley is back for more adventures! 

I love this girl! She’s so hilarious. All her catch phrases are awesome. I really laughed at each of the comics in this volumes. 

These stories were unpredictable. I liked the addition of the Joker and seeing his interactions with Harley. 

Harley’s fighter side and her innocent girlie side are both shown in these comics. She shows what a fighter she is when she confronts the Joker. But when she gets to see Santa, she becomes a little girl again, lining up with all the kids to tell him what she wants for Christmas. These dual sides of Harley work very well together and make her the funny and entertaining character that she is. 

I’m excited for Volume 3 to come out in a couple of weeks. I’ll be reviewing it when it’s released! 

My review for Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing can be found here

Allen, Son of Hellcock

Title: Allen, Son of Hellcock
Author: Will Tracy, Gabe Koplowitz
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Z2 Comics
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: August 29, 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

The son of the greatest barbarian who ever lived is thrust into a quest that, frankly, he’d rather sit out.

Long before darkness descended upon the realm, Mungletown was protected by noble heroes led by the great loin-clothed warrior Hellcock. So fearsome was his might that . . . well, actually, a dragon eats him on page nine. But never mind that! Years later he’s still hanging around as a ghost to cajole his disappointment of a son, Allen, into taking up the mantle and becoming a proper heir to the Hellcock legacy. But Allen prefers a simpler life of eating sandwiches, drawing his own pretty terrible comic books, and being afraid to talk to girls. When Kaarl, the son of Hellcock’s retired nemesis Lord Krong, attacks the town to break up the monotony of peacetime, only local rabble-rouser Madeleine stands up to him. In a desperate bid to impress her, Allen decides to get Hellcock’s old band of adventurers back together and take the fight to Kaarl. Without much of a plan or any useful skills, what happens next is quite painful to witness.

From the comedic minds of Will Tracy (The Onion, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) and Gabe Koplowitz (VICELAND), ALLEN, SON OF HELLCOCK has it all: washed-up sorcerers and swordsmen, terrifying horse-donkeys, sensitive ogres, fashionable elves, ornery minotaur landlords, an exceedingly polite retired despot, a black-hearted but oddly lovable villain, an idealistic young woman who’s the only one with any brains, and a would-be warrior who can’t seem to escape his own hackneyed destiny . . .


I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I laughed out loud many times.

Allen is not the typical son of a hero. He’s nerdy and weak. He’s not like Thor, who is just as strong as his father, and able to complete his father’s tasks. This story takes that typical father-son heroic story and flips it.

There were many strange creatures along the way, that were just so weird and funny. They met horse-donkeys, animals with the head of a horse and body of a donkey. Everyone was freaked out by these creatures, even though they look pretty ordinary. There were also owls wearing hats and three foot tall “giants.”

There was a point when the creators of the book appeared in the story. I love when this meta technique is used, drawing attention to the fact that this is a graphic novel.

There were some graphic parts of the story (i.e. A head being ripped off a body) and lots of sexual innuendo, so this book is for a mature audience.

This was a really funny story. You should read it if you want to read something a little different from the typical heroic graphic novel.

Review: Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing

Title: Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing
Author: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Purchased
Release Date: March 21, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Harley Quinn’s crazy world on has gotten even more crazier when an unexpected, contagious enemy comes to town! Protecting her neighborhood just got a little harder, good thing they have chainsaws!

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti continue their mammoth run on this New York Times best-selling title in Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing!


I loved this graphic novel! This is the first Harley Quinn comic I’ve read. My only experience with her is from the movie Suicide Squad. I loved her in that movie. 

Harley is hilarious. I laughed out loud so many times. She’s constantly making mistakes and just throwing herself into the middle of fights without thinking about it first. 

The premise for the first couple of comics was so crazy. An alien came to earth and disguised himself as a cow. Then he ended up being processed and turned into hot dogs. Everyone who ate the hot dogs turned into zombies. Of course, they couldn’t find the source of their illness because how would they figure out that they ate an alien in their hot dogs? 

There were some graphic images, but they were so extreme that they just seemed ridiculous. It took away from the seriousness of the scene. 

I recommend this book if you like graphic novels. This is the first in the series. 

The Scarlet Letter (Manga Classics)

Title: The Scarlet Letter (Manga Classics)
Author: Stacy King, Sun Neko Lee, Crystal S. Chan, Nathaniel Hawthorne
Genre: Manga, Graphic Novel
Publisher: UDON Entertainment
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: March 18, 2015

Goodreads Synopsis:

A powerful tale of forbidden love, shame, and revenge comes to life in Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter. Faithfully adapted by Crystal Chan from the original novel, this new edition features stunning artwork by SunNeko Lee (Manga Classics: Les Miserables) which will give old and new readers alike a fresh insight into the Nathaniel Hawthorne’s tragic saga of Puritan America. Manga Classics editions feature classic stories, faithfully adapted and illustrated in manga style, and available in both hardcover and softcover editions. Proudly presented by UDON Entertainment and Morpheus Publishing.


The Scarlet Letter was one of the first 19th Century novels I read, and I loved it. This manga was just as awesome!

One of my favourite things about this novel is how the scarlet letter stood out on Hester’s chest. All the illustrations are black and white but the letter “A” was in red. It made it stand out so much. This is different from the other Manga Classics that I’ve read, because they were completely in black and white.

Hester’s daughter, Pearl, was a very cute girl, but she was also very creepy. On the back cover of the book, there is a colour drawing of Pearl in a red dress. I wish the whole thing could be coloured, because the red of her dress and Hester’s “A” was so vibrant, that it would have contrasted very well with the dull colours of the puritan town.

This is one of my favourite books in the Manga Classics series. I highly recommend it for fans of the original book and new readers.

Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father

Title: Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father
Author: Jonathan Hennessey
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Rating: ★★★

Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies in the 1700s. His mother died when he was young and his father abandoned him. He wished for a war to start, so he could make a name for himself in the world. Years after arriving in America he got his wish. He fought alongside George Washington to make America an independent country. Following that, he became a lawyer and polititian. 

This story tells about the early America, under the influence of Hamilton. He is just a part of the narrative. It tells about things happening around his life, but not just about him. 

The graphics are really nice in this book. Each frame shows a different place, from South America to New York. They are great depictions of the time period. 

There wasn’t enough dialogue in this book for me. The only speech parts were taken from real quotes. Graphic novels can be great teaching tools for young readers, but there was so much narrative and not enough story, so I think kids would get bored. Just because it’s a historical story, doesn’t mean it has to be boring and just state the facts. It could tell the story in an exciting way to entertain as well as teach, but I don’t think this story did that. It felt like more of an essay with pictures than a graphic novel.