Review: Pest Control

Title: Doctor Who: Pest Control
Author: Peter Anghelides (narrated by David Tennant)
Genre: Science Fiction, Audiobooks
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks
Source: Purchased
Format: audiobook
Release Date: May 8, 2008
Rating: ★★★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

The TARDIS is lost in battle on a distant planet. When the Doctor sets off in pursuit, Donna is left behind, and finds herself accepting a commission in the Pioneer Corps. Something is transforming soldiers into monstrous beetles, and she could be the next victim. Meanwhile, the Doctor steals a motorbike and stages a jailbreak. Well, how hard can it be to find the TARDIS, rescue Donna, and negotiate a peace? But that’s before the arrival of a brutal and remorseless mechanical exterminator, bent on wiping out the insects. It may be that nothing can stop it, because this robot’s solution for the infestation is very simple: kill everything. Featuring the Doctor and Donna, as played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the hit series from BBC Television, this story has been written specially for audio, and is read by David Tennant.


I love these Doctor Who audiobooks.

This one was narrated by David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor. He was my favourite Doctor. I was shocked at first to hear him narrating the story in his Scottish accent! I wasn’t expecting that since he has an English accent on the show.

I found the story a little confusing at times, because there were some unusual new creatures in the story. However, Tennant did a great job of giving each character a distinctive voice, which made the story very entertaining.

This was a great story for fans of the show.

What to read next:

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Have you listened to Doctor Who: Pest Control? What did you think of it?


Review: Doctor Who: The Time Machine


Title: Doctor Who: The Time Machine
Author: Matt Fitton (narrated by Jenna Coleman, Michael Cochrane, Nicholas Briggs)
Genre: Science Fiction, Audiobook
Publisher: Big Finish/AudioGO
Source: Library
Format: audiobook
Release Date: November 7, 2013
Rating: ★★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

23 November 2013. In an Oxford laboratory, graduate Alice Watson helps Professor Chivers assemble the final pieces of an impossible machine. A time machine.

The scientist and his assistant believe they are making history, little suspecting that the project’s completion will threaten the existence of the entire universe. But someone has sensed the danger, and when the mysterious Doctor arrives, Alice is taken on a desperate race from libraries and dreaming spires all the way to the nightmare world of Earth’s future.

The monstrous Creevix are coming. They seek control of time itself and are certain that the Doctor is already too late to stop them. But can the key to saving the future lie in the Time Lord’s past lives?


This is another Doctor Who audiobook that was only created for audiobook form.

It is narrated by Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara on the show. She has a great storytelling voice. It was funny to hear her do an impression of the Doctor, because it sounded so much like him but it was Clara’s voice.

The ending moved very quickly and it was hard to follow. It felt rushed because things were moving along at a good pace and suddenly it was finished. I would have liked it to be explained more because it was a little confusing.

I really enjoyed this story. I’m going to keep listening to the ones narrated by the actors because they do such a good job!

What to read next:

  • Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper by Cavan Scott


  • Doctor Who: Death’s Deal by Darren Jones


Have you read Doctor Who: The Time Machine? What did you think of it?

Review: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper


Title: Doctor Who: The Night of the Whisper
Author: Cavan Scott
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Source: Library
Format: Audiobook
Release Date: September 2, 2013
Rating: ★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

New Vegas, 23rd Century — a sprawling city huddling beneath an artificial atmospheric bubble on a distant moon. Pleasure seekers flock there from every corner of the galaxy, to take in the shows and play the tables in the huge casinos. But beneath the glitz and the glitter, organised crime rules the streets.
Whilst Rose Tyler works as a waitress in the Full Moon nightclub, Jack Harkness poses as a reporter for the Daily Galaxy. Meanwhile, the Doctor is helping the police department with their investigation into the Whisper, a strange vigilante that has been terrorizing the city’s underworld. But the Doctor is also on a mission of his own — to save Police Chief McNeil’s life at all costs.


This audiobook is part of a collection of Doctor Who stories that were written just for audio. It has sound effects and music which were really cool. The story began and ended with the theme song. It was also very short, about 1 hour, so it was almost like listening to an episode of the show.

The narrators were pretty good. The one who did the voice of the Doctor sounded just like him, and the American voice sounded like Jack.

Though I liked the audio parts, didn’t like the story. I found it hard to keep track of everyone. It seemed like there were a lot of “bad guys.” I kept getting distracted while I was listening.

Even though I wasn’t crazy about this story, I’m going to look for more audiobooks from this collection.

What to read next:

  • Doctor Who: Death’s Deal by Darren Jones


  • Doctor Who: The Time Machine by Matt Fitton


Have you listened to Night of the Whisper? What did you think of it?