Review: See Me: Becoming Your Authentic Self

Title: See Me: Becoming Your Authentic Self
Author: Hailey Rodgers
Genre: Nonfiction, Self-Help
Publisher: New Degree Press
Source: Author
Format: Ebook
Release Date: December 2, 2019
Rating: ★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

A study by Collage Group found that the number one trait that young adults value in living an ideal life is happiness. So why is it that so many young adults identify themselves as unsatisfied or unhappy with their lives? There is a misconception that in order to be happy you must first be successful. In fact, the opposite is true: you must be happy first in order to be successful. This raises the question: How do I become happy? The answer: Discover your authentic self. 

See Me is about the importance of living authentically as a young adult. While young adults tend to talk about authenticity, it can actually be the hardest time in your life to feel confident in yourself. This book is a tool to help you stay true to who you are amidst the pressure to conform to societal norms. It aims to inspire young adults through guiding principles and the incredible stories of others who comprehend the value non-conformity and consistently work to live an authentic life. 


In See Me, Hailey Rodgers gives tips on how to live a happy life and be successful. The book is divided into thirty different principles. Each principle includes an example from someone’s actual life experience, either Hailey’s or someone else. Each chapter also ends with a recap of what important points to take away from the principle and how to apply it to your life.

This book is targeted towards young adult readers. Many of the examples are about people graduating high school or in university or college. This book is about figuring out your place in life, so it makes sense that it is aimed toward readers who are starting their adult lives.

There were some sensitive subjects addressed in this book, such as abuse. I don’t think these examples always pertained to the subject. There were also some generalizations that I don’t think everyone could relate to. For example, one chapter talks about doing what you want that will make you happy, rather than following what your guardians and elders tell you. She says they will be happy for you even if you don’t do what they want you to do. I think this is an idealistic way to view things. Many people don’t have the luxury of choosing to do what they love by going against the wishes of their guardians.

This is a really good book about learning to find your happiness for young adults.

Thank you Hailey Rodgers for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Have you read See Me: Becoming Your Authentic Self? What did you think of it?

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