Review: Making Friends


Title: Making Friends
Author: Kristen Gudsnuk
Genre: Middle Grade, Graphic Novel
Publisher: Graphix
Source: Library
Release Date: July 31, 2018
Rating: ★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

Sixth grade was SO much easier for Danielle. All her friends were in the same room and she knew what to expect from her life. But now that she’s in seventh grade, she’s in a new middle school, her friends are in different classes and forming new cliques, and she is completely lost.

When Danielle inherits a magical sketchbook from her eccentric great aunt Elma, she draws Madison, an ideal best friend that springs to life right off the page! But even when you create a best friend, it’s not easy navigating the ups and downs of relationships, and before long Danielle and Madison are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

To make matters worse, Danielle has drawn the head of her favorite (and totally misunderstood) cartoon villain, Prince Neptune. He’s also come to life and is giving her terrible advice about how to make people like her. When she rejects him and he goes on a rampage during a school pep rally, Danielle and Madison have to set aside their differences to stop him!


This story started out really well. Danielle experienced a dreaded schedule in school, where her friends were assigned to different classes. I had that happen a couple of times, including when we had two separate lunch periods in high school. However, I ended up making a friend who is still my best friend ten years later. Danielle handled the situation differently.

Dani found a magic sketchbook that would bring her drawings to life, so she drew a best friend. Things became tricky when her friend began looking for her own family, who do not exist since she was created on paper. Dani also drew the head of Prince Neptune, a character on a show similar to Sailor Moon. He came to life and tried to control Dani.

I think Dani could have handled the situation better. Things got really out of control at the end, which left everyone with magic powers. This was a random ending to the story. Also, I don’t think Dani learned from her mistake of creating friends in her sketchbook. This situation could have been portrayed in a more realistic way to help the young readers who may also go through the same experience.

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Have you read Making Friends? What did you think of it?


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