Review: Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection


Title: Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection
Author: Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Library
Release Date: July 7, 2018
Rating: ★★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics—The New 52 event of September 2011, Barbara Gordon is finally back as Batgirl!

The nightmare-inducing brute known as Mirror is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random. Will Barbara be able to survive her explosive confrontation with this new villain, as well as facing dark secrets from her past? A new chapter in the riveting adventures of Batgirl continue in stunning fashion, with script by fan-favorite Gail Simone and stellar art by superstar Ardian Syaf!

This volume collects issues 1-6 of Batgirl, part of the DC Comics—The New 52 event.


I really liked this graphic novel.

Barbara is a complex character in this story. She is targeted by the villain Mirror. Mirror is trying to kill everyone who survived accidents where others died, and they should have died too, but by some miracle they survived. Barbara is one of the people on his list.  She has to track him down, and stop him from killing all of those survivors.

The graphics were great. Sometimes, the images were too dark because Batgirl and the Mirror were both wearing black. Their battle scenes were a little complicated because I couldn’t tell them apart when they were fighting. But that also shows the intensity of their fighting.

This is a great introduction to this Batgirl series. I’m looking forward to continuing it.

What to read next:

  • Batgirl, Vol. 2: Knightfall Descends
  • Gotham Academy, Vol. 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy

Have you read this volume of Batgirl or any others? What did you think?

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