Review: How To Be a Supervillain: Born To Be Good


Title: How To Be a Supervillain: Born To Be Good
Author: Michael Fry
Genre: Middle Grade
Publisher: jimmy patterson
Source: Library
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

A sequel has never been this good…at being bad! In this highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling How to Be a Supervillain, Victor Spoil must save the world from an evil scheme to enslave the superheroes and villains–to his parents’ utter disappointment.

Victor Spoil hates the Junior Super Academy. It makes him cranky–and his parents couldn’t be prouder, because supervillains aren’t meant to be nice. Until Victor confesses he wants to leave and become a librarian. The horror!

But when superheroes and villains–including his parents–start disappearing, only a dedicated do-gooder like Victor can track them down. He discovers that the supers are being captured to square off against aliens in gladiator-like shows. And unlike the scripted fights that the supers usually sign up for, these battles are to the death!

Victor and his fellow super students must join together and harness their super powers to battle this dastardly mega-villain. But to be a hero, Victor finally has to embrace his inner villain. Will he be able to stoop that low?


This series is so funny. Victor is the son of super villains, but he doesn’t want to be a villain. In the first book, he learned that his super power is tickling. It’s not a very ferocious power for a super villain.

In this book, Victor decides that he doesn’t want to be a super villain, and wants to be a librarian instead. But before he can quit being a super, all of the parents of kids at the super academy disappear. Victor has to work with his friends and his mentor, the Smear, to get them back.

This was a very funny book. The narrative is interspersed with pictures, like a graphic novel. This format reminds me of the Captain Underpants books. The super villain characters with odd powers reminded me of the Incredibles. This book would be great for fans of both Captain Underpants and The Incredibles.

Have you read this series? What did you think of it?


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