Review: Honey Moon: Not Your Valentine


Title: Honey Moon: Not Your Valentine
Author: Sofi Benitez
Genre: Children’s
Publisher: Rabbit Publishers
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: January 30, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★


Goodreads Synopsis:

A Sleepy Hollow Valentine’s Day dance with a boy! NO WAY, NO HOW is Honey Moon going to a scary sweetheart dance with that Noah kid. But, after being forced to dance together in PE class, word gets around that Honey likes Noah. Now, she has no choice but to stop Valentine’s Day in its tracks. Things never go as planned, and Honey winds up with the surprise of her Sleepy Hollow life.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here’s a Valentine’s themed review!

This is a great Valentine’s story. Honey Moon is hilarious and gets into lots of trouble. She doesn’t want to go to the dance with a boy, so she does everything she can to make them not like her. But this backfires on her. The dance at the end also provided a great twist. It wasn’t what Honey was expecting.

This story reminded me of when my class would celebrate Valentine’s Day when I was a kid. When picking out the cards for everyone, you had to make sure that the saying on the inside was appropriate. You wouldn’t want a boy in your class to get the wrong impression because you gave him a romantic Valentine. Honey takes that idea to the extreme by writing nasty things in the boys’ cards. That ends up backfiring on her because the boys like the gross things she wrote! Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday but it can also cause problems in the classroom.

I really liked this story. It gives a different perspective on a typical Valentine’s Day story, because Honey does everything she can to avoid getting a date to the dance.

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