Review: Heartaches and Christmas Cakes

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Title: Heartaches and Christmas Cakes
Author: Amy Miller
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Bookouture
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

December, 1940: All that Audrey Barton wants is her family together for Christmas. But the war changes everything… 

The Barton family bakery in Bournemouth has been at the heart of the town for generations: Audrey and Charlie Barton have never been rich, but their bread and cakes – and their love and advice – have enriched the lives of others in the town for many years.

When war breaks out, it doesn’t take long for trouble to arrive on the bakery doorstep. Audrey’s brother William has joined up to fight, and William’s fiancé Elsie fears she may lose him before their life together has even begun. Audrey’s stepsister Lily comes to stay, but Lily is clearly hiding a dark secret.

And a silent and strange little girl is evacuated to the town – will Audrey get to the heart of what is ailing her?

Audrey battles to keep hope and love alive in tumultuous times. But when disaster strikes at Christmas, will her efforts be in vain?

This is the first book in a heartwarming and romantic new saga series, perfect for fans of The Gingerbread Girl, Nadine Dorries and Ellie Dean.


This book really lived up to it’s name. There were lots of Christmas cakes and tons of heartaches.

I enjoyed the backdrop of the bakery. It was fascinating to see how they dealt with the rations. I was also surprised at how important the bakery was during the war. They were given special privileges, such as Charlie being exempt from the war, because they had to feed people.

This was such a heart wrenching story. Pretty much everything that could go wrong to a town during the war happened to these people. A house was bombed, people were lost at war, and even a suicide. All of these things brought tears to my eyes, because they were so realistic. These were real problems that people faced during the war.

This story wasn’t so much about Christmas, though they gathered for Christmas at the end. They couldn’t decorate the town because the lights would have drawn attention to them during the air raids. But they were still able to have a happy Christmas at the end.

This book isn’t something I would typically read because it was so sad, but I enjoyed the writing. This is a good Christmas war story.

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