Review: Christmas on the Coast

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Title: Christmas on the Coast
Author: Rebecca Boxall
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: November 21, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Christmas is approaching on the island of Jersey, but Libby is feeling far from festive. Her police work and duties as vicar’s wife weigh heavily on her, she’s anxious about her troubled children, and now her best friend, Stella, has suddenly turned against her, citing a mysterious family grudge.

Libby is devastated by Stella’s unexpected coldness. But then her father shows her a diary written by her great-aunt Queenie, which sheds light on a long-hidden secret—one rooted in love, loyalty and betrayal. Writing during the Nazi occupation of Jersey in the winter of 1941, Queenie reveals a community torn apart by illicit romance, heartbreak and revenge—and by dark acts of fear and desperation.

The more Libby immerses herself in Queenie’s journal, the more she understands why its secrets still haunt her family and Stella’s. Christmas is a time of forgiveness, but is the treachery of their shared past too shameful to be forgotten?


This is another great Christmas book!

I liked that Libby is older than the typical protagonist in a Christmas women’s fiction story. She has a grown up daughter who was getting married. Usually the protagonist would be her daughter’s age. This gives a different perspective of the holidays.

There was some mystery about Libby’s background. It kept the story interesting. The War in Queenie’s story also held some mystery, since there were soldiers in the town who kept disrupting their lives. It made the story unpredictable.

At first, I didn’t realize Libby would be related Queenie. I liked Queenie’s parallel diary entries because they contrasted well with Libby’s modern story.

This is a great Christmas story.

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