Review: The Visitors

Title: The Visitors
Author: Catherine Burns
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Canada
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: September 26, 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Marion Zetland lives with her domineering older brother, John in a decaying Georgian townhouse on the edge of a northern seaside resort. A timid spinster in her fifties who still sleeps with teddy bears, Marion does her best to shut out the shocking secret that John keeps in the cellar.

Until, suddenly, John has a heart attack and Marion is forced to go down to the cellar herself and face the gruesome truth that her brother has kept hidden.

As questions are asked and secrets unravel, maybe John isn’t the only one with a dark side.


This was a very unusual story.

Marion is more immature than a typical spinster. She collects teddy bears. She is very quiet when someone gets mad at her. But she also longs to have a child of her own. Her mother and brother held her back in life by asking her to take care of them. This has made her act irrationally when she’s pushed to the limit.

I liked that the story was told from a third person perspective because it gave an outsider’s view of Marion’s life. I think she would have been distracted as a narrator. She had some disturbing thoughts sometimes when she wished something bad would happen to a person. That was creepy and showed how she was like her brother.

The story about the “visitors” in the basement was so creepy. And it’s sad that this could actually happen. There are women from around the world who are desperate to escape their country so they will move somewhere else if someone says they will pay for them. The only thing they have to go on is a picture on the internet. It’s scary that it is a realistic story.

I enjoyed this story. It’s unique and creepy but entertaining too.

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