Review: Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault

Title: Suicide Squad, Vol. 1: The Black Vault
Author: Rob Williams, Jim Lee
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Purchased
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Harley Quinn. Deadshot. Killer Croc. Enchantress. Captain Boomerang. Katana. They’re dangerous. They’re deadly. They’re deeply unstable. And they’re our only hope. They’re the characters from the smash-hit film and they’re here in this great new starting-point graphic novel, SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 1: THE BLACK VAULT, as part of DC Rebirth!

Assembled by the tough-as-nails intelligence expert Amanda Waller and overseen by disgraced military genius Captain Rick Flag, the men, women and monsters of the Suicide Squad—a.k.a. Task Force X—do the jobs that are too dirty for any superheroes to soil their capes over.

Their latest mission should be easy enough: recover a powerful cosmic weapon called the Black Vault from enemy hands. But what happens when the Black Vault begins turning them into their own worst enemies?

As the object’s dark influence spreads and the team is driven to madness and mayhem (more than usual, that is), there’s only one person sane enough to save the Squad from certain destruction…the Clown Princess of Crazy herself, Harley Quinn!


After reading Harley Quinn graphic novels, I decided to try out the Suicide Squad, to see her in her glory. This is a great introduction to this group.

This graphic novel was never boring! It was exciting to see the group fighting together. I always had to laugh when Harley messed something up (can you tell she’s my favourite?).

The main story was fairly short. The last half introduced each of the characters individually. Since I wasn’t familiar with most of these characters, I liked reading these mini stories.

I also liked how Waller was the clear leader of the group. She brings them all together, out of their prison cells, and tries to direct their destructive tendencies toward fighting evil.

I enjoyed this graphic novel. It’s a great start to this series.

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