Review: She, Myself, and I

Title: She, Myself, and I
Author: Emma Young
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: ABRAMS Kids
Source: NetGalley
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ever since Rosa’s nerve disease rendered her quadriplegic, she’s depended on her handsome, confident older brother to be her rock and her mirror. But when a doctor from Boston chooses her to be a candidate for an experimental brain transplant, she and her family move from London in search of a miracle. Sylvia—a girl from a small town in Massachusetts—is brain dead, and her parents have agreed to donate her body to give Rosa a new life. But when Rosa wakes from surgery, she can’t help but wonder, with increasing obsession, who Sylvia was and what her life was like. Her fascination with her new body and her desire to understand Sylvia prompt a road trip based on self-discovery… and a surprising new romance. But will Rosa be able to solve the dilemma of her identity?


This story is amazing. 

It’s such a unique concept, but realistic too. It’s hard to imagine a brain transplant but it’s definitely a possibility for the future. Since other organs can be transplanted into a new body, why not a brain too?

The complications from this kind of surgery are fascinating as well. Not only does Rosa have to adjust to having a new body and a completely new face, the families of both Rosa and Sylvia have to adjust as well. It’s easier for some more than others. 

Many parts of this story reminded me of Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Rosa must stay in the hospital to recover from the surgery, until she meets a boy… It wouldn’t be a YA book without a little romance. 

Though this book isn’t a thriller, some parts were so chilling that it made my heart pound. Just the idea of waking up from surgery with a new face and body is so hard to imagine. But that’s the magic of reading: living through things that are almost unbelievable. 

This is a great novel. I definitely recommend it. 


Author: jilljemmett

Jill lives in Toronto, Canada. She has studied English, Creative Writing, and Publishing. Jill is the creator and content producer of Jill’s Book Blog, where she has published a blog post every day for the last four years, including 5-7 book reviews a week. She can usually be found with her nose in a book.

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