Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father

Title: Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father
Author: Jonathan Hennessey
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Rating: ★★★

Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies in the 1700s. His mother died when he was young and his father abandoned him. He wished for a war to start, so he could make a name for himself in the world. Years after arriving in America he got his wish. He fought alongside George Washington to make America an independent country. Following that, he became a lawyer and polititian. 

This story tells about the early America, under the influence of Hamilton. He is just a part of the narrative. It tells about things happening around his life, but not just about him. 

The graphics are really nice in this book. Each frame shows a different place, from South America to New York. They are great depictions of the time period. 

There wasn’t enough dialogue in this book for me. The only speech parts were taken from real quotes. Graphic novels can be great teaching tools for young readers, but there was so much narrative and not enough story, so I think kids would get bored. Just because it’s a historical story, doesn’t mean it has to be boring and just state the facts. It could tell the story in an exciting way to entertain as well as teach, but I don’t think this story did that. It felt like more of an essay with pictures than a graphic novel. 

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