Archie: Volume 1

Title: Archie Volume 1: The New Riverdale
Author: Mark Waid, Fiona Staples
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Archie Comics
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

Archie and the gang are updated in this new graphic novel series. Archie and Betty have been dating since they were kids. But one day there is a “lipstick incident” and they break up. No one knows what the lipstick incident was, and they aren’t telling. Meanwhile, a new girl moves into town: Veronica Lodge. Archie gets a job at the construction site for the new Lodge mansion. But that night, while cleaning up the mess he made during the day, Archie accidentally turns on a machine that destroys the house. Archie decides to make it up to Veronica by doing everything for him. Betty and Jughead don’t like the way Veronica is using Archie, so they make a plan with Reggie to break them up. 

I loved the new artwork in this graphic novel. It’s updated and modern. 

In each comic, Archie speaks directly to the reader, often to introduce the story. I love how this brings the reader right into the story and creates a connection between the reader and the characters. 

There was a lot of background given for the characters that I haven’t read before. The origin of Jughead’s name is revealed, as well as Veronica’s entrance to Riverdale. 

There are many diverse characters in the new Riverdale, including Sayed, a Muslim student and Shiela, an Asian girl. This is an important feature in this contemporary story. 

I’m really excited about the new Archie. This graphic novel is a great introduction to the new series.

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