Rejected Writers Take The Stage

Title: Rejected Writers Take the Stage
Author: Suzanne Kelman
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: June 6, 2017
Rating: ★★★★

The women of the Rejected Writers Book Club are back! The writers gather in a club where they collect the rejection letters that they receive from publishers. In the first novel, they go on a mission to get a rejection letter from a publisher who accepted them. In this story, one of the members, Annie, is facing foreclosure on her house. She owns a farm where she boards dogs. The leader of the Book Club, Doris, comes up with a plan to put on a play to raise money for Annie. They each pitch in to write a portion of the play called The Merlin of Ooze. Janet works in a library, and she is given the job of director. She also has a daughter who is pregnant with twins, who comes to visit her. Meanwhile, Flora met her new boyfriend, Dan, on their last adventure. But he doesn’t live in town, so they have a long distance relationship. He surprises Flora with a visit to Southlea Bay, but he brings more than himself. And of course, with the ladies of the Rejected Writers Book Club, nothing goes as planned!

I loved this sequel! I was so excited when I heard about it. This one was a little different because it didn’t focus as much on writing. Since the characters were introduced in the last novel, their lives could be explored more deeply in this novel.

I really like the titles of the chapters. Each one is named after a funny image or metaphor in the chapter.

One aspect that was a little confusing was the narration. Sometimes Janet narrated, if she was present in the scene. But if she wasn’t there, it was a third person narration. There were also a couple of consistency issues, like someone being introduced twice in a chapter.

I love how these stories have an open ending, leaving the possibility for a sequel. I hope the Rejected Writer’s Book Club goes on another adventure soon!

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